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I hired Appliance Repair Partners in late 2013 to help get my business more exposure online. I was with Dex for many years with both their phone book and Internet ads and wasn’t happy with the service I received from them. I would see my competition on Google and wanted a way to get my own business there. Dex wasn’t doing that for me, so I was looking for a change.

After talking with Derek, I felt he knew exactly what needed to be done. At first we did a pay per click campaign, from which I received phone calls immediately.

Appliance Repair Partners created a new website that was branded to my business. It took a few months to really see results, but I am happy to see that my business is showing up on the first page of Google, along with my competitors. I finally felt like I was getting value out of my marketing budget and since 2013 I have seen my business grow.  The best part is being able to actually see results, to see phone calls come in and to see a real return on my investment.

Before hiring Appliance Repair Partners, my business could only be found online if someone knew who I was or if they were referred to me by one of my past customers. Now people find me because they are looking for my services, which has been a huge benefit to my overall business.

I also like that they understand this business and can help me make other marketing decisions. When other opportunities come up with companies like Yelp or AngiesList, they give me advice and if I ever have questions I feel comfortable with asking them.

I highly recommend Derek and Appliance Repair Partners if you are looking to grow your appliance repair business online. Derek was never a pushy sales guy and gave me the facts from the beginning.

I can’t express the difference between a huge corporation like DEX and Derek at Appliance repair partners.  He is available practically all hours of the day to answer my questions and help me out with solicitation calls that come in saying they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

– Noel W. Appliance Repair, Owner

Listen To A Real Appliance Repair Lead, Just Click Play Below. Please Note We Have Edited The Call To Remove All Sensitive Information:

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I’ve been advertising in the DexKnows phone book for years, never really knowing the results they were sending me.

I have been working with Appliance Repair Partners for 2 years now and have seen the results they can produce. What I like about them, is they can show you how many calls you are actually receiving. I’ve been able to lower my budget with Dex and only do a small amount of my marketing with them.

– Troy C. Avery Appliance, Owner


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