Should You Spend Money On A Custom Website?

One of the biggest questions we receive is about websites. A website can be the most annoying subject and yet its the very thing you need in order to build your business. Your website is the foundation of everything you do. If you are already marketing your business, you are losing customers if you don’t have a website. Sure you might have signed up with one of those ‘phone book’ directories and they gave you a page on their own website, but with them you are limited to what you can do with your ‘foundation’.

Websites come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Not to mention that website also come either as mobile friendly, not mobile friendly, fast or slow and their price tags range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

As a local appliance repair company, you really only need a basic (yet professional) looking website.

Your target customer only cares about two things, your phone number and your reputation. I’ve never met someone who looked at an appliance repair company’s website and read every page.. unless if they are looking to solve their issue without calling you. Some appliance repair companies will offer do-it-yourself repairs for minor fixes.

If you call around and start asking website developers what they charge, you will get a range of $1,500-$5,000 or more for a ‘custom’ website.

What if I told you that your website shouldn’t cost but a fraction of that price? Why waste money on a custom design when you can get a great looking, mobile friendly website that will do the exact same thing as a custom website… it just sits there online, waiting to be found.

Most companies waste money on their custom designed website and never put enough money into marketing their business.. so their beautiful ‘custom’ website just sits there… waiting to be found, which no one will ever find.

One of the biggest issues we see with appliance repair company websites, is the lack of a ‘call to actions’. If your phone number isn’t big and visible without searching, then you are losing business. If you don’t have a ‘call to action’, or a reason for someone to use you over your competitor, then you are losing business.

At Appliance Repair Partners, we manage everything for you, from building your website, hosting your website to marketing your website so you get phone calls.

Our mission is to handle all of the technical stuff, so you don’t have to.

You are already busy enough, so why worry about your website and online marketing. That is our job! If you would like to talk with us to see if we can work together, then please contact us here. We can only work with a certain number of appliance repair companies at any given time.

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