Is Being Accredited By The BBB A Waste Of Money?

bbb accreditation for appliance repair companies

In order to fully answer this question we have to look at a few variables. On the surface, paying the BBB $500+/year looks like a waste of money and that price only goes up based on the number of employees you have. If you have ever had a conversation with the Better Business Bureau, they […]

Are You Tracking Your Results?

john wanamaker quote

One of the biggest problems we see within the appliance repair industry is that most companies do not track their results. Whether you are paying for an ad in a phone book, newspapers, billboard, poster or online, if you are not tracking your results you are losing money. What do we mean by tracking? You […]

Should You Spend Money On A Custom Website?

Appliance Repair Website Example

One of the biggest questions we receive is about websites. A website can be the most annoying subject and yet its the very thing you need in order to build your business. Your website is the foundation of everything you do. If you are already marketing your business, you are losing customers if you don’t […]