Are You Tracking Your Results?


One of the biggest problems we see within the appliance repair industry is that most companies do not track their results. Whether you are paying for an ad in a phone book, newspapers, billboard, poster or online, if you are not tracking your results you are losing money.

What do we mean by tracking? You need to know if people who saw your advertisement are actually calling you or at least visiting your website. Both of these problems can be solved with call tracking and website analytics, but the problem is most business owners have no idea how to implement these forms of tracking, and why should they when they are appliance repair technicians.

Let’s put this as an example

What if you were given the opportunity to put a huge advertisement on a billboard for only $2,500. The ad would be up for 30 days and you had to take that offer right now, otherwise the price would be $5,000. Most advertising companies who call you will give you false scarcity, as if their amazing deal won’t be available tomorrow.

Where most people go wrong is they look at the opportunity before them and not the math of the opportunity. Its true, how cool would it be to see a huge billboard with your business name and phone number, right off the side of a busy highway. Maybe you even know where the advertisement would be placed and so you buy the ad.

Where the math comes in:

If you knew that one new customer brought you on average $120 (service call + time/labor) then just to pay for that billboard it would take 21 customers… before you made a profit!

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

Not only is a billboard a horrible idea for any appliance repair company, but most business owners will put their direct line on the billboard and not some form of call tracking number.

A call tracking number allows you to put a unique phone number on a piece of advertisement. That phone number then forwards to your direct line, so when someone calls the tracking phone number you know exactly where they called from, thus being able to track your results.

By adding a call tracking number to your advertisements, you will now be able to figure out the math. Growing a business is all about the math. If you are putting ‘x’ amount of money into advertising every month and only making ‘y’, then ‘y’ better be a bigger number, otherwise you’ll be out of business in no time.

Over the years I’ve met people who have paid between $800-$1,000 per month for an advertisement in the phone book. Who actually uses the phone book any more? Some people do, but the problem is they had no idea how many phone calls were coming through because of their ad in the book.

The phone book company will give you a tracking number, but as a business owner you should be looking at your stats or at least know how much you are paying per lead.

Growing your business comes down to tracking your results. This is where Appliance Repair Partners can help you. We know that as a business owner you don’t have time to look through phone logs to see how many leads you are getting on a weekly/monthly basis, which is why we offer this service to all of our appliance repair partners. Let us track your phone calls for you so you know you are always receiving a return on your investment.

Let’s change the way you advertise, so you stop wasting money on advertisements that don’t get you results and start putting your money into building your business and your brand online.

If you are serious about changing your business, reach out to us and and submit your information on our contact form here.

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